Beaches for a swim, surf, fish or just to relax and reflect are in abundance around Eden. Choose something still for the kids at somewhere like Nullica River mouth, beautifully remote for the nature lovers down south around Wonboyn or some of the white stuff in the heart of Eden at Aslings. See our list below and drop into the Visitor Centre for maps, directions and more information on which beach to visit to complete your beach holiday.

Aslings Beach

Dewar_151020_0837This is the main surf beach in Eden which is patrolled during summer school holidays. There is a scenic rock pool which is nestled in colourful rocks located  at the southern end of the beach. Aslings Beach is a great fishing spot year round. Dolphins are often spotted in the mornings and early evenings of shore. At the north end of the beach is Lake Curalo, popular for prawning in the summer months this lake also feature abundant bird life and a boardwalk that surrounds the lake.

Access: Aslings Beach Road, Eden

Amenities: Picnic tables, toilets and showers at south end of beach. Patrolled during summer months at northern end.

Nullica River Mouth

NULLICA-EDENThe Nullica River Mouth is a great spot for families, fishing  and surfing. Located at the southern end of Boydtown Beach the Nullica River is 7 km south of Eden towards Victoria. From the river you can walk along the 2 km long Boyd Town Beach.

Access: 7 km south of Eden on the Princes Highway. Turn off onto a dirt track just south of the Nullica River bridge.

Amenities: There are no amenities at the Nullica River Mouth.

Quondolo Beach

Quondolo Beach is part of Long Beach, a 10 Km stretch of beach located in the northern section of Ben Boyd National Park. Quondolo is popular for surfing and rockpool exploring but can be subjected to rips tides and big waves. From Quondolo you can walk to Pinnacles or Haycock Beaches.

Access: Quondolo is accessed by Haycock road 8km north of Eden. Take the all weather road a further 4 km to the car park.

Amenities: There are no amenities here.

Ben Boyd National Park Beaches


Bittangabee Bay

Ben Boyd National Park is located south of Eden and has a number of secluded and stunning beaches. Some of these beaches are accessible by 4wd drive only or by walking the 31 km Light to Light walk such as Leatherjacket Bay, and Mowarry Beach. Others are accessed by all weather road and have excellent facilities such as Bittangabee Bay and Saltwater Creek which are adjacent to National Parks camping areas. The Davidson Whaling Station also has an impressive beach. In Ben Boyd National Park there is plenty to do such as fishing, snorkelling, kayaking and surfing. The park also boasts a large amount of other activities such as visiting Historic Boyd Tower, the Davidson Whaling Station and stunning Greecape Lighthouse, excellent bushwalking and an abundance of wildlife. For more information on exploring these beaches see the Eden Visitor Centre for maps and information.


Access: The turn off to Ben Boyd National Park is 19 km south of Eden at Edrom Road. Access to Greencape, Saltwater and Bittangabee is via the all weather Greencape Road.

Ben Boyd's Tower, Ben Boyd National Park.

Ben Boyd’s Tower

Access to Boyds Tower and Davidson Whaling Station is a further 15 km along the sealed Edrom Road.

Amenities: Various depending on destination. Check in with the Eden Visitor Centre.

Wonboyn Beaches

Wonboyn River Mouth

Wonboyn River Mouth

Wonboyn Beach is a 3 km long beach found along the shores of Disaster Bay. this bay includes Greenglades, Middle Beach and Baycliff.  Located 35 km south of Eden, near the town of Wonboyn, Wonboyn Lake and River are known as fishing havens. The town offers most services including accommodation and the lake has a recently upgraded boat ramp area. You can also buy our famous Wilderness Coast oysters in Wonboyn. Greenglade is located at the southern end of the bay and is a picture perfect beach which is features coloured rocks and interesting coves to explore. There is a picnic table and toilets located at Greenglades. Baycliff is located towards the northern end of the bay and is near the mouth of Wonboyn Lake. There are toilets at Baycliff and a walking track which will take you to Middle Beach.

Access: The turn off to Wonboyn is 23 km south of Eden on the Princes Highway. The town of Wonboyn is a further 10 km, from there follow the road to Myrtle Cove. Follow Nadgee Road, which continues on from Myrtle Cove, to the entrance of Nadgee Nature Reserve. Continue along Greenglade Road, turn left to Baycliff or continue to the Greenglade car park.


Cocora Beach

Phill Small Photography

Phill Small Photography

Located within Eden Cocora Beach is a favourite for families. It is well equipped with covered bbqs, a playground, picnic tables, toilets and cold showers. It is a protected beach which is safe for families. From the southerly end of the beach a walking track can be accessed to Quarantine Bay which is 2 km away. This track is part of the Bundian Way Story Trail which will eventually take walkers all the way to Kosciusko.   A 2km stretch of this walk has been done with viewing platforms along the way which will give you spectacular views across the bay.     Dogs are permitted on the beach between April 30th and December 1st.

Access: Ida Rodd Drive, Eden.

Amenities: Covered bbqs, a playground, picnic tables, toilets and cold showers.

Haycock Beach

Boyd National Park

Also referred to as North Long Beach Haycock Beach is part of the 10km long beach known as Long Beach located in the northern section of Ben Boyd National Park. This beach is popular for surfing but can be exposed to strong rips and swell at times. Haycock Beach has access to the headland at the north end of the beach which offers great whale watching during whale season.  From here you can also access a 5 km long coastal walk which takes you to Barmouth Beach. Kangaroos, goannas and echidnas can all be spotted in this area. From Haycock you can also visit the Haystack located at the north end of the beach, an interesting rock formation that can be great for rock pool exploring during low tide and snorkelling on calmer days.

Access: Haycock is accessed from Haycock Road located 8 km north of Eden. Take the all weather road another 6 km to the Haycock turn off.

Amenities: There a toilets, bbqs and picnic tables located at Haycock.

Severs Beach

Severs BeachThis is a remote beach on the shores of the Pambula River. This beach features corrugated sandbars and a grassy foreshore. It is also a significant Aboriginal heritage site with excellently preserved middens which can be viewed from the boardwalk. Birds and other wildlife is often observed in the area.

Access: Accessed from Haycock Road in Ben Boyd National Park 8 km north of Eden. Severs beach turn off is 7 km along this all weather road. The beach is 500 m past the car park.

Amenities: No amenities.

Walks in and around Eden

EDEN   –  WALKS in and around Eden

There are walks for everyone in and around Eden.   From a gentle stroll along Aslings Beach path with the maritime heritage along the pathway to the more adventurous light to light 30km walk in Ben Boyd National Park and everything in between.

There is the Heritage Walk and Heritage Drive where you can walk through our historic town and admire the work of the pioneers to our area.  You may also care to drive around Twofold Bay to see some of the legacies of our convict past, historic buildings and sites of immense past tragedy.   Around the town and Twofold Bay you will be impressed by the natural beauty of the area and walk in the footsteps of our original indigenous inhabitants as well as the original European settlers.  You can pick up a map of the Heritage Walk & Drive from the Visitors Centre where all sites are numbered with information about each site.

Lake Curalo Boardwalk is an easy, flat walk, that circles the entire lake, and joins with the Aslings Beach Maritime Walk.   It is mostly accessible for prams, wheelchairs and bikes with entry points from Eden Sportsground in Barclay Street, Lakeside Drive, and opposite Eden Gateway Holiday Park.   The boardwalk and walking track meanders around the lakes shore, through swamp melaleuca forest, across salt marsh and over the shallow water where you can see reeds, fish and many species of bird life before you reach the estuary mouth. There are several picnic tables and picturesque bridges along the way.   If you follow the boardwalk to the east there is access to Aslings Beach or the Maritime Heritage Walk – where depictions of Eden’s historical links with the sea have been etched into the footpath.   This walk is 6 km return and rated easy.

The Bundian Way – Story Trail Walk is the first section of the 350 km Aboriginal pathway that extended from the sea at Twofold Bay to Mount Kosciuszko.    The Story Trail section is a 2km path that goes between Cocora Beach  (Ida Rodd Drive) and Quarantine Bay.   Along the walk you will get spectacular coastal views of Twofold Bay and   beyond and some iconic landform features.   The path takes you around the headlands down to a beach and around another headland.  There are some beautiful lookouts built along the path for you to take in the view across the bay.     The Bundian Way is much more than a pathway.  It is a shared history of the Aboriginal walking track from the tablelands to the coastal plains, to the sealers at Sealers Platform to Ben Boyd’s era at Brierly Platform.

Ben Boyd National Park both north and south has some wonderful walks.

In the northern part of Ben Boyd National Park there is the Pinnacles loop track which is an easy 30 minute walk with 2 lookouts along the gently undulating walking track

Haycock Point

with views of the spectacular cliffs and beaches.      You can also find the Haycock Point to Barmouth Beach track which is an easy walk of 3kms.     It offers spectacular views and whale watching opportunities (Sept – Nov) and you are likely to see wildlife while you are there.     You pass through a range of landscapes from scenic coastal views to windswept heath and woodlands.

In the southern part of Ben Boyd National Park you can walk 30km on the Light to Light walk.   This walk hugs the coastline between the historic Boyds Tower and Green Cape Lighthouse.   It is one of the best walks on the far south coast of NSW.   The views are stunning and ever-changing, from heatherland to forest, tea tree groves to banksia woodlands, and sheltered coves to towering red-rock platforms.    Most sections are easy, you can do the whole 30 km or just a short section.    You can camp along the way at Saltwater and Bittangabee Bay Campgrounds.     For more information contact National Parks office in Merimbula on (02) 6495 5000 or

For more information on the above and more call into the visitors centre




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Bungo Beach

keefesPopularly known as Keefe’s Pinch, Bungo Beach is a dog friendly beach accessed from Quarantine Bay. There are no amenities at this beach and it is along the soon to open Bundian Way story trail. Enclosed by  2 rocky headlands, Bungo Beach feels very secluded for being so close to town. Popular for a snorkel, boogie board or walk with the dog.

Access: Quarantine Bay 3 km south of Eden via dirt track behind the Eden Amateur Fishing Club.

Amenities: None.

Quarantine Bay and Rixon’s Beach

QB CompressedLocated just 3km south of Eden, Quarantine Bay is home to Sapphire Coast’s best boat ramp. The scenic bay that is houses a 4 lane boat ramp, cleaning tables and boat cleaning facilities is popular for photographers. Quarantine Bay is also home to resident seals and stingrays that hang out for the trimmings of fishermen’s catch. The Eden Amateur Fishing Club and Yacht Club are also located at Quarantine Bay. For a more secluded beach option, Rixon’s Beach can be accessed by walking from the Quarantine Bay car park. Bungo Beach is also a short drive from Quarantine Bay by a dirt track located at the Eden Amateur Fishing Club. Quarantine Bay is also an access point for the soon to be completed Bundian Way Story Trail.

Access: 3 km south of Eden off the Princes Highway.

Amenities: Toilets, picnic tables, boat washing facilities, 4 lane ramp, cleaning tables.

Nadgee Nature Reserve

NadgeeNPWSNadgee Nature Reserve is very isolated and most of its secluded beaches are accessed by walking only. The most accessible of the Nadgee beaches is the Merrica River Mouth which is a 8 km return walk from the car park located at the NPWS ranger station which is accessed from the Wonboyn Road. There are no amenities at this beach. Other beaches in this isolated reserve include Jane Spiers Beach, Newtons Beach 7 km one way from ranger station, Little Creek 11 km from ranger station, and further on Nadgee Beach, Nadgee Lake and Bunyip hole. All these beaches are remote, have no services and will require over night or multi night camping to access.  See the Eden Visitor Centre or National Parks for more information.

Access: The turn off to Wonboyn is 23 km south of Eden on the Princes Highway. Travel a further 8.5 km to the Nadgee turn off at Old Bridge Forest Road. Turn left onto Newtons Road and travel to Merrica River where you will find a car park with an unmanned rangers station.

Amenities: Toilets at the rangers station.

Barmouth Beach

Barmouth Beach, Ben Boyd National Park

Barmouth Beach is located at the mouth of the Pambula River and is located in the northern section of Ben Boyd National Park. From here you can access a 5 Km coastal walking trail toward Haycock Point which provides great whale spotting opportunities in the spring months. There are often other native animals spotted in this park such as goannas, echidnas and kangaroos. This is a popular spot for rock pool exploring and fishing. Take care when swimming as the outgoing river can be strong. Beorge Bass named the beach after seeking refuge from a gale with his 6 man crew in 1797.

Access: Haycock Road 8 km north of Eden. The turn off to Barmouth is 6.5 km along the all weather road. There is a car park with a short but somewhat steep walk to the beach.

Amenities: None.

Boydtown Beach

BoydtownBeach1 compressedBoydtown Beach is adjacent to historic Boydtown and the Seahorse Inn. This beach can be good for a boogie board with the kids and beach combing.

The rocks located at the southern end of the beach are great for rock pool exploring, this point is called Torarago Point. During low tide you can to the end of this point all the way to a secluded beach known as Muntries but be aware you will only have a short time frame before the tide comes up and catches you out!

At Boydtown there is a caravan park and the historic Seahorse which offers meals and accommodation.

Boydtown is located just 8 km south of Eden, turn off the Princes Highway to Boydtown.   Amenities: Restaurant and Caravan Park.



Pinnacles Beach

HeroPinnaclesPinnacles is part of Long Beach, located in the northern part of Ben Boyd National Park. One of the key reasons to visit this area is to view the interesting rock formations known as ‘Quoraburagun Pinnacles’. A short walk from the car park you will see these colorful rock cliffs.    From the car park the beach is about 600 meters along a constructed pathway that ends with a short climb over boulders to access the sand.

Access: Pinnacles is accessed from Haycock Road 8km north of Eden. Take the all weather road a further 2.5 km to reach the car park.

Amenities: There are toilets located at the car park.

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