For a cliff top experience with breathtaking views of Twofold Bay visit the Eden Lookout.

The Stunning Headland of Eden Lookout and Rotary Park

The Stunning Headland of Eden Lookout and Rotary Park

Wonder in awe at a headland formed about 380 million years ago

Observe the headland – Middle Head – jutting out into the bay, separating it into its two ‘folds’ that give Twofold Bay its name. This headland is made up of erosion-resistant volcanic rock.

The almost vertical structures in the cliff are fractures separating hexagonal columns that were formed as debris shrank during cooling of flows that poured over the ancient land surface about 380 million years ago in the Devonian Period.

Enjoy panoramic views over Twofold Bay

Eden Lookout Sapphire Coast

Great spot to watch passing ships. Eden Realty Photo.

The vast expanse of water over Twofold Bay is one of the nation’s deepest natural harbours. From Eden Lookout view the rugged coastline and unspoilt hinterland, mainly comprised of national park.

Watch the passing boating activity from large fishing trawlers to recreational fishing boats and yachts, and from small pilot vessels to huge freighters.

Mount Balawan Sapphire Coast

Mount Balawan

Historic Boyd’s Tower at Red Point sits atop the long, sloping southern headland of Twofold Bay. Around Red Point are some of the oldest rocks on the NSW coast.

To the southwest is Mount Imlay (Balawan), one of the region’s three mountains of significance to the Yuin people. Mount Imlay (886 m elevation) has a conical shape. It is not of volcanic origin; rather, it is an erosional form capped by resistant sandstone.


Killer Whale Trail Eden Lookout

The Eden Lookout is a great point to start the Killer Whale Trail

Gaze out to sea and back in history

Eden Lookout is one of the stops on The Killer Whale Trail, a self-drive tour with whales and tales of adventure that uncovers the dramatic history of whaling from 1828 to 1930 and relates the unique relationship between the mariners and the wild killer whales (0rcas).

From the 1840’s until 1930 at Boyd’s Tower whale watchers would wait, searching for the telltale ‘blow’ of passing whales. A gunshot, a puff of smoke and a shout of “Rusho” would signal the crews in small boats to take off with a flurry of oars, all intent on being the first to the prized whale.

Whale watching Eden Lookout

Spotting whales from the headland

Spot whales up close and personal

From the viewing platform, enjoy some of Australia’s best whale watching between September and November when migratory whales, particularly mothers with calves, move into Twofold Bay closer to shore to frolic and rest and where humpback whales feed before migrating south to the Antarctic.

Two information boards detail types of whales and their characteristics as well as what to look for when whale spotting. Remember to take your binoculars and camera.

Rotary Park has great amenities.

Rotary Park has great amenities.

Rotary Park

Plan a picnic or BBQ at Rotary Park and enjoy its excellent facilities with undercover and outdoor picnic tables, undercover BBQs, water, playground equipment, rubbish bins and well-maintained toilets.

There are dedicated car spaces and other informal spaces with ample turning room for caravans and buses. A directional map and signage inform you about features to visit while near Eden Lookout.

Seamen’s Memorial

Visit the Seamen's Memorial

Visit the Seamen’s Memorial

Following the loss of the trawler “Shiralee” with all hands on 10th August, 1978, the people of Eden had the Shiralee Memorial Wall constructed out of transported Gabo Island granite to serve as a memorial to all seamen who have sailed from the Port of Eden, were lost at sea, and have never returned.

The Rose Garden is a memorial dedicated to the memory of those who have lost their lives at sea out of the Port of Eden. Other memorial plaques on stone are dedicated to further lives lost at sea.

Rotary Walk

Enjoy a stroll along Rotary Walk, a clifftop route with spectacular views of striking rock formations and coastal features. The Eden navigational light and Marine Rescue Eden are located along this walk.

Marine RescueMarine Rescue Eden

Marine Rescue Eden is part of NSW’s official volunteer marine rescue service, an independent not-for-profit organisation committed to the mission of saving lives on the water.

Eden Base is manned from 6.00am to 6.00pm every day of the year. After hours the radios are switched through the Internet to Marine Rescue Sydney to provide 24-hour coverage. It has a swift, coordinated 24/7 emergency response.

Visitors are always welcome to visit the station in Bramble Street adjacent to Eden Lookout. Eden Marine Rescue can be contacted by phone on 02 6496 2167.

Helpful resources

Download a printable Eden Lookout Brochure to take along with you.

Need help finding the Eden Lookout? Drop into the Eden Visitor Centre for a map and directions.